Not All Oils Are The Same

Why did I choose to get rid of all my other oils and only use doTERRA oils?

Short answer-I honestly believe they really are better.

Long answer-Here’s why…

I am a bargain hunter. I pride myself on finding a great deal. So, of course, before buying into an idea of purchasing “expensive” essential oils from a network marketing company I spent many dollars buying cheaper oils from Amazon or other online companies claiming to have well tested, therapeutic grade essential oils. Essential oils are everywhere. now. What was once something you could only find a small sampling of at your local health food store is now on the shelves of nearly any store you walk into, let alone all over the internet. Unfortunately, they are not all the pure essential oils that they claim to be. They can say they are 100% pure and still contain fillers, additives, and artificial ingredients. I learned this the hard and costly way. I may have saved a few dollars on a less expensive oil but then had to throw it out before it was gone because it began to smell funny or I just really didn’t see it doing what it was supposed to do. I’ll be honest, I did find a few that I thought were great and those oils really opened me up to the idea that essential oils are effective. However, I began to question their sourcing practices or realized that they were, in fact, even more expensive AND my money was only growing one business even bigger instead of spreading out to build thousands of businesses being run by people like you and me or creating strong, sustainable jobs for those who grow the plants! The money that we spend on doTERRA products not only provides a new level of trusted wellness to my family, it provides an additional source of income. That additional source of income also provides an additional source of income for people I love and care about that are also enjoying the benefits of using the oils themselves. Community, baby! On top of that, the money we spend also goes to many amazing humanitarian projects around the world. So, it comes down to possibly saving a dollar or two by buying oils elsewhere or buying from a company that, not only has a top of the line essential oil, but also gives back by creating income potential for anyone willing to go for it, creates jobs for those in impoverished countries, uses sustainable and ethical growing practices and seeks to change the world through their involvement in so many worthy causes. Plus…little secret…they really don’t have to be more expensive.

While others in the essential oil industry might cut corners during the planting, growing, and harvesting process, or even try to “extend” pure oils by adding cheap ingredients, doTERRA does not. I’m positive that there are other essential oil companies out there that are striving to create a truly top of the line pure essential oil. The bar has been set high! I’m not saying that it isn’t possible to find other good oils BUT with doTERRA I don’t have to guess or track down all their info. I know and can readily stay on top of all the details of their sourcing and testing and know that they never stop pursuing absolute excellence in purity. With so many new companies popping up all the time it would be impossible to discern only the most pure, potent, and effective oils. It comes down to trust. Over the 2 years we have used them, they have certainly earned that trust.