We crossed over the state line 1 month ago today. One more week of this beautiful state before it’s time to move on and I must admit…I’m having a hard time letting it go. This place has captured my heart in a way I could have never anticipated. Of course, a great part of full time travel is a constant cycle of embracing and letting go. We roll into a new place with an air of excitement and possibility. Sometimes, we find that a certain location is not exactly what we had hoped for but we still manage to have a good time, anyway. More often, though, we find that a new spot far exceeds our expectations and we find ourselves caught up in the magic of the new. It seems most things in life are at their most captivating when they are brand new, before they become mundane and routine and the sparkle begins to fade. We have lots of brand new. It’s one of the things that make travel so appealing to those who yearn for it. For all of those firsts, though, there are also the lasts. Moving on is always bittersweet. It’s hard to say good bye but we know with each one we get a new hello. Those hellos are the best.

Every single day I am grateful for this lifestyle…the adventures we share as a family. This world is endlessly fascinating. We want to see it all.